Joe Moross

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Robin Scheibler

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Andrew Norcross

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Hugh Choi

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Ray Ozzie

Software Entrepreneur; CEO and founder of Blues Wireless Blues Wireless is a company Ozzie founded in 2018 to tackle broad technical and business issues in telecom that he experienced while working with Safecast, a nonprofit global environmental monitoring effort organized in the wake of the Fukushima disaster. Blues Wireless develops integrated hardware, software, and services…

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Joi Ito

Joichi “Joi” Ito is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, writer and scholar focusing on the ethics and governance of technology. As an activist, he works to tackle complex problems such as climate change and societal inequity and redesign the systems of scholarship and science. He served as director of the MIT Media Lab from 2011 to…

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Rob Oudendijk

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Yuka Hayashi

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Sean Bonner

Sean Bonner is an entrepreneur, publisher, activist, artist and enthusiast with deep focus on community independence and distributed (crowd sourced) actions. In addition to Safecast, he is an Associate Professor at Keio University in Tokyo and sits on the board of CicLAvia. He previously co-founded Coffee Common and the first hackerspace in Los Angeles, Crash…

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Mat Schaffer

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