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This is who we are.


Safecast is people. From the data we collect to the devices we design and build, from the reports we publish and the transparency they generate, all we do is made possible due to the collaborative effort of team members all over the world.

As such we are always looking for more people to help out with various aspects of our work.

Be a Safecaster.

We enable and encourage independence and individual initiative. We rely on volunteers to help in the ways highlighted below but if you think you have an other relevant skill to offer, let us know. Also, It’s important that volunteers work well with other team members, supporting each others efforts and if/when there are deadlines, have the ability to meet them.

Collect Data (as often as possible)

Share Data: Help people & media find and use Safecast data

Represent Safecast and the ideals illustrated in The Safecast Code

Future-proof: Help ensure data remains independent and complete

Teach and encourage best practices for useful data

Etc.: Our needs change from time to time, so if you think you have a relevant skill to offer, please get in touch.

Volunteer? Start here.

As a largely decentralized, collaborative effort our team members are located all over the world. For all interested potential volunteers, the first thing you should do is join the Safecast Discussion List and introduce yourself. We also use GitHub for dev/web version control and Slack for internal team communications.

Current Needs:

  • Front end Wordpress
  • Devs - Greenfield - Comfortable building & deploying a custom DB-backed webapps (Java, Rails, Python, even JS/Node etc is fine)
  • Devs - Ruby, especially Rails to assist with our current API
  • Devs - sql/postgresql/postgis - especially familiarity with large “big-ish data” (100M+) records operations.
  • Devs - Spark or hive experience look at how we could switch our data practices to more real “big data” techniques to save money/cycles
  • AWS System Administration / DevOps
  • Translation (various languages)

Safecast Internships are available
We work with a number of different organizations to provide internship opportunities at our office in Tokyo. Please contact us for more details on these programs.

* When you contribute to Safecast by participating in an event OR submitting content or information to a webpage OR submitting a pull request, testing or bug reporting OR sending data from a Safecast device then you license all of your contribution to Safecast and to all the world under these licenses. Safecast will be attributed as the source.