Andrea Polidori, Ph.D.


Dr. Andrea Polidori is the Advanced Monitoring Technologies Manager at the South Coast AQMD in the Science and Technology Advancement Division. His primary responsibilities include the overall management of all South Coast AQMD special monitoring programs and related projects. He has been leading the design, development and implementation of the Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center (AQ-SPEC), a program created to conduct comprehensive performance tests of commercially available low-cost air quality sensors. He is in charge of South Coast AQMD’s fenceline monitoring program, which was created to demonstrate the capabilities of optical remote sensing technologies for measuring refinery and other industrial emissions. He is responsible for the implementation of South Coast AQMD’s Rule 1180, which mandates the execution of real-time air quality measurements at or near the fenceline of all major refineries in the South Coast Air Basin, and in nearby communities. His is also responsible for implementing air monitoring strategies to satisfy the requirements of Assembly Bill (AB) 617, a State Law which was created to address the disproportionate impacts of air pollution in environmental justice communities.