COVID-19 testing, putting a face to the numbers

Earlier this week we launched the COVID-19 Testing Map. In only a few days we’ve already received contributions from across Europe, North America and Asia which is already beginning to tell a new piece of the story. Since 2011 we have tried to create a platform that gives some control back to people, so they…

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Announcing The COVID-19 Testing Map

Today we are launching a crowdsourced map to help people document their experiences when seeking COVID-19 testing — were they able to get a test when they sought one, or not. One of Safecast’s founding beliefs is that people should have access to reliable and accurate information in order to make decisions about their own…

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Safecasting Fashion

[:en] One of the less obvious uses of open data and open licensing is that things can be used in ways that someone might never consider an option with all the traditional hoops that need to be jumped through. While not specifically related to licensing, Tara’s recent post about using bGeigie logs to generate music…

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Safecast Visit to Fukushima Daiichi

I can’t count how many images I’ve seen of the reactor buildings at Fukushima Daiichi in the last seven years, easily hundreds, maybe thousands. I’ve seen photos, illustrations, maps, diagrams and even video detailing every angle and perspective. None of that prepared me for the awe of standing in front of them. This is ground…

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Mods and Adds: Developing tools for offline Safecast data processing in the field

During emergency situations, online services (including maps) may not be reliable. In the worst case no connection to the internet is available or connection is too slow. Similar situations also occur during measuring events for mobile groups working with the Czech National Radiation Protection Institute (SÚRO) in areas with insufficient coverage, for example in mountainous…

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Help Us Improve The Safecast Map

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Time Snapshots now on the Safecast Map!

One of the benefits of collecting several years worth of environmental data is we can look at different time frames to see how things change over time. We call these Snapshots, and they are very useful in places like Japan where the radiation levels have changed and are expected to continue changing over the coming…

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bGeigies on Webmap

bGeigie + Webmap Every drive by Safecast volunteers tells a story.  Hopefully an exciting and highly radioactive one.  But in any case, we’ve added tools to help you visualize and share these efforts to the Safecast webmap. What’s new with this bGeigie log viewer? Multiple Log Display You can now view as many logs at one time…

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Development: Real-Time Interpolation

Real-Time Interpolation: A Powerful and Unique Tool  – Overview and Upcoming Improvements –  Introduction: What is Interpolation? Spatial interpolation is the prediction of unknown points of data based off the principle that things closer together are more alike than things further apart. This is used extensively with maps you are likely quite familiar with; for…

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Safecast OS X App Now Available

Mac OS X users are in for a treat with the release of our native desktop client. Available now in the app store. Hand built with with love by Safecaster Nick Dolezal, the official Safecast app brings our extensive dataset (over 21 million datapoints!) of radiation measurements to your Mac, and provides a powerful and…

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