The bGeigie Diaries: Tokyo to Fukushima after the disaster

If there was a list of unsung Safecast heroes, Kyoko ‘Kiki’ Tanaka would be one of the first names on it. Kiki has been a core member since shortly after Safecast began, running the office side of the operation for a long time, and coordinating our Japanese volunteers. I spoke with her about some of…

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Excessive Radiation Exposure to Tokyo Population on March 15

Shinzo Kimura was a scientist with the Research Institute under the Japanese Ministry 
of Health and Welfare, and he did a survey on the health effects on the citizens of 
Narodichi, Russia after the Chernobyl accident. Right after 3-11 the 
Ministry pressured him not to publish any of his data and not to provide any…

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Safecast Radiation Monitoring Seminar At Tokyo Hacker Space on 6/24/11, members of Safecast present the goals, methods, and results of their ongoing volunteer project to independently measure and map contamination levels from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant fallout at hundreds of thousands of sites across Japan. 2011年6月24日に東京ハッカースペースにてセーフキャストのメンバーによるセミナーが開かれました。ここでは、セーフキャストの目標、手法、ボランティアによるプロジェクトの状況などについて発表が行われました。ボランティアの手により、福島第一原発からの放射性降下物による汚染状態の測定および地図作成が行われています。日本国内に数百、数千の場所で測定が行われています。

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Voices From Fukushima This video was presented at the Institute for Strategic Leadership‘s “Carry On Fukushima” program in Tokyo on 7/21/11. It includes voices from food producers in the area around the still-leaking Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: Ohashi may need to look outside Fukushima now for organic suppliers for his bread. He says we need to learn to…

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Cesium 134 and 137 in Tokyo rooftop dust

[This is a guest written article, views expressed are the authors alone and may not be endorsed by Safecast] This is a gamma spectrum of dust wiped from a Tokyo rooftop.  The detector is located at Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Physics Department.  The results are estimates because of the low weight of dust in the sample.…

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Making of the bGeigie

Last month I talked about a device we’ve been lovingly referring to as the bGeigie. We concepted it out for the first mobile run and then replicated it for a series of runs last week. The “b” stands for “Bento” and since we’re building these units into cute little boxes we thought that was fitting.…

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A little of what we've been up to

All photos by Pieter Franken. Additionally our first probes are out in the field, tweeting updates to @RDTNprobes, and remember we’re raising funds for this project on Kickstarter!

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Tokyo These Days

Editor’s Note: Joel M. holds a Ph.D. in Biology and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. He has volunteered his time and insights to the blog. Right now things are quiet but fine. We are not having many rolling blackouts for now.  Actually, in this whole time, I only had one blackout for 2 hours. Supermarkets…

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