Safecast Diaries: the First bGeigie Trips to the Aftermath of 3.11

David Kell was among a rag-tag group of volunteers taking supplies to the Tohoku region in the weeks after the 2011 3.11 Tohoku disaster. Onboard were the very first incarnations of what would, over time, become the bGeigie geiger counters. On March 11, 2020, David Kell found himself, quite by accident, staring out over a…

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Safecast On Board For Blind Sailor’s Attempt To Cross The Pacific Ocean

[:en] In the last week of February, Mitsuhiro ‘Hiro’ Iwamoto will set out from San Diego with a bGeigie onboard. If all goes according to plan, he and crewmate Doug Smith will sail the ‘Dream Weaver,’ a 40-foot cutter, across the Pacific Ocean non-stop to Onahama in Fukushima prefecture. While an impressive feat in its…

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Safecast bGeigie featured in recent museum exhibitions

[:en] The bGeigie has been taking a small break from its day job collecting radiation data and touring museums in Asia and North America. The visits are merely a different kind of work, though, as Safecast’s bGeigie Nano and data visualizations have been featured two interesting recent exhibitions. One, called “Make It Make It,” was at…

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The bGeigie Diaries: Fukushima’s Christian Connection to Safecast

[:en] Heiwa Kataoka could be called Safecast’s divine connection. He is a member of a Christian congregation, and through his work with churches and NGOs has become one of the world’s most prolific bGeigie-builders. Here he shares his Safecast memories and experiences, which began with a visit to his father’s house back in 2011. Your…

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All about the Safecast car

At Safecast we have been happy to been driving with our own car for the past months. The most driven member of the Safecast Fleet is a 1999 Nissan Wingroad. Like many other Safecast cars, the color is bright red. 幸いにもここ数ヶ月、セーフキャストは自分たちの所有する車で測定することができるようになりました。1999年以来、日産ウィングロードが一番良く使われて来ましたが、この新しい車は、他のセーフキャストの車両と同じく真っ赤な色をしています。 福島でのセーフキャスティング ~岩城から郡山の途中で~

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Safecast Radiation Monitoring Seminar At Tokyo Hacker Space on 6/24/11, members of Safecast present the goals, methods, and results of their ongoing volunteer project to independently measure and map contamination levels from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant fallout at hundreds of thousands of sites across Japan. 2011年6月24日に東京ハッカースペースにてセーフキャストのメンバーによるセミナーが開かれました。ここでは、セーフキャストの目標、手法、ボランティアによるプロジェクトの状況などについて発表が行われました。ボランティアの手により、福島第一原発からの放射性降下物による汚染状態の測定および地図作成が行われています。日本国内に数百、数千の場所で測定が行われています。

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