Safecasting Aizu

On May 22nd, Safecast teammembers Hiroshi Yoshino and Pieter Franken drove to Aizu with bGeigies to measure the radiation levels. The measurements recorded were overall low which is great news for the residents of the area. Our team met up with some of the mother organized volunteer groups that are forming to help protect children…

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Kickstarter Success!!!

Thank you all so much. As you can see our kickstarter fundraiser ended this weekend and we beat our goal of $33K with donations from over 600 people. This is truly amazing. Thanks to everyone to donated or helped us spread the word on this – we’ll have more news about this very soon. 皆様本当にありがとうございました。ご覧のように、kickstarterを使った資金集めは今週末終了し、600人以上の皆様からの寄付は目標の33,000ドルを超える額となりました。これは本当に驚くべきことです。寄付してくださった皆様、このプロジェクトについて周りの人に知らせてくださった皆様、ありがとうございます。このことについては近いうちにさらに詳細をお知らせします。…

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Fundraising and how to get a limited edition iGeigie

As you may be aware we are using Kickstarter to help raise funds for this project. We have a project live on the site right now that has been progressing nicely but isn’t fully funded yet and is running out of time. I’m really not comfortable asking for financial contributions but the fact is we…

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