Farmers flee agricultural community

[This is a guest written article, views expressed are the authors alone and may not be endorsed by Safecast] Uncanny Terrain week 2 Hiruta has spent decades recruiting farmers from across Japan to join him in the tiny agricultural community of Kaidomari, nestled among tall pines in the mountains on the edge of Iwaki in…

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Safecasting Iwaki

As you know, over the last few weeks our team of Tokyo based volunteers have been taking regular trips north with mobile bGeigie rigs to monitor and record radiation data. We wanted to show more behind the scenes from those trips, so here’s a few photos from a recent trip through Iwaki, Fukushima. Above: Safecast…

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bGeigie in motion – mobile radiation readings

Last month I blogged about our concept bGeigie, which is essentially a pair of geiger counters rigged to a car and connected to a GPS device and laptop to log the points as we drive around the country side. We’ve now completed several of these drives and have mapped out the data so it makes…

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