Safecast Daiichi Water Release Plan Report

We have made downloadable English and Japanese pdf versions of our recent commentary and critique regarding the Fukushima Daiichi water discharge plan. Readers are welcome to share them freely. こちらより福島第一原子力発電所における放水計画に対する解説および批評のPDFが、英語および日本語でダウンロード可能です。ご自由に共有下さい。 English version here   日本語版はこちら Safecast operates on a volunteer basis and depends on public support. Please visit our DONATION PAGE. Safecastは皆様のご支援によりボランティアベースで運営しています。ぜひこちらのリンクから寄付をご検討ください。

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Fukushima Daiichi Water: The World is Watching… or Should Be

On April 13, the Japanese government announced that it had approved a plan by Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings Inc. (Tepco) to discharge treated water currently being stored in tanks at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean. Safecast considers it important to highlight our specific concerns in regard to this…

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Musical interlude: Becoming Fukushima

  We were very honored that Scottish composer Katrina Gordon agreed to write and record a new piece for the Safecast 10 anniversary livestream.  Katrina is an accomplished contemporary composer with an experimental bent, and as we discussed  Safecast and our data, she asked us to send her a set of data points from different…

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SAFECAST-10 EVENT: “Read the Air” — Thu, April 22 18:00 JST

— Introducing the Most-Easy-to-Use Air Quality Monitor Ever Built! The Airnote with Safecast — — Join the competition to win an Airnote (by April 20th) see below! — “Read the Air”: This year, Safecast is introducing several IoT devices including the Airnote, the Most-Easy-to-Use Air Quality Monitor Ever Built!, and the bGeigie Zen, the exciting…

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Leaders speak out

This week we highlight a few of the leaders who joined us for the Safecast 10th anniversary mobile livestream event last month.  Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Dr. Jun Murai, and Chiaki Hayashi have all been key supporters and advisors of Safecast, each with a different focus and background. All of them have brought a new style of…

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Ray Ozzie and IoT

April 9th is IoT Day, with virtual conferences, lunches, and events being held around the world.  In commemoration we wanted to share the segment titled called “Ray’s Big Reveal” from the Safecast 10 global livestream held on March 13, 2021.  In it, Safecast senior advisor Ray Ozzie showcases his design thinking and how that led…

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The Safecast 10th Anniversary global mobile livestream event held on Sunday March 13th was a huge success. With participants from 15 countries spanning approximately 20 time zones, the livestream resulted in over 16 hours of video streamed through Zoom and YouTube. We posted the full YouTube stream and five-hour chunks recorded through Zoom shortly after…



SAFECAST-10 THE LIVESTREAM!  SAFECAST 10TH ANNIVERSARY ONLINE EVENT, SAT. , MARCH 13, 2021 The rapidly approaching 10th anniversary of the March 11, 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster also marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of SAFECAST. To commemorate this, SAFECAST is planning a daylong global online event March…


Honor among nuclear neighbors

We’ve received a lot of questions about radioactive isotopes that were detected in the atmosphere in late June by monitoring stations in northern Europe. We’ve been gathering information and touching base with knowledgeable experts to help clarify the situation. We will state right off that the levels of radiation that were detected are extremely small,…

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Uncertainties about Japan’s COVID-19 data

In our earlier posts (here and here) we tried to clarify the actual policies being implemented in Japan with regard to COVID-19 testing. We pointed out inconsistencies and other official data issues that make it difficult for the public to get a good grasp of the actual number of tests being done and how many…

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