Safecast Visit to Fukushima Daiichi

I can’t count how many images I’ve seen of the reactor buildings at Fukushima Daiichi in the last seven years, easily hundreds, maybe thousands. I’ve seen photos, illustrations, maps, diagrams and even video detailing every angle and perspective. None of that prepared me for the awe of standing in front of them. This is ground…

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Safecasting "Les Bois Noirs"

La version française de cet article est en deuxième partie de page Like nearly every summer, our family visits France in July, sometimes stopping along the way. This year, we were staying for about 10 days in the center of France, and took this opportunity to visit a site called “Les Bois Noirs Limouzat”, a…

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Come with us on a trip through Fukushima

As we announced last month, we have a Kickstarter running right now to celebrate the launch of our new bGeigie Raku, which is a much easier to build version of the bGeigie Nano with a handful of other improvements as well. We’ve included some fun reward levels like an exclusive challenge coin and special edition…

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Notes from the road: Safecasting Iceland and France

During a recent family visit to Iceland and France this July, I took my bGeigie along, and in the course of a few weeks, this has allowed me to send about 50,000 measurements to the Safecast database, during many drives. Once you get into the habit of hanging the bGeigie on the outside of your car, it is…

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Safecast iOS app now has on demand data updates

Previously the map data on the Safecast iOS app could only be updated when the app itself was updated. With the newest version that is no longer and issue and the map data can be refreshed on demand. This is huge and exciting – make sure to update the app now for the latest version!

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Ethan Zuckerman Goes Safecasting (and gets kicked out by armed guards)

Ethan Zuckerman, director the Center for Civic Media at MIT and friend of Safecast posse everywhere, took a bGeigie Nano for a spin the other day with the intent of checking out some depreciated nuclear facilities not too far from his house. He was successful, at least until the armed guards showed up and told him to GTFO.…

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Monitoring Fallout Decay

One of the great utilities of the Safecast project is the ability to collect and analyze environmental data on an unprecedented scale. As Safecast passes the two year mark with collecting radiation data in Japan it is now possible to begin to look back over the changes in radioactivity across different parts of the country…

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The bGeigie Nano Kit

The biggest limitation Safecast has faced in collecting data is the limited availability of our workhorse device, the bGeigie. The design works great, but it’s expensive (each one costs us about $1000) and time consuming (building one can take an entire week) which results in us having limited numbers of them to keep in use.…

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Bike V2.0 and bGeigieNano

The start of the project for YR-Design was an extension of building bGiegies in Aizu Wakamatsu. By being in Aizu, having build a few bGeigies for SAFECAST and being exposed to the GreenSmile project from Jun Yamadera (Eyes-Japan), it was a logical step to enter the project. Jun Yamadera first came to YR-Design with his,…

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Visualizing a radiation hotspot

Explanation of the blotchiness of radiation levels along a road in Iitate mura area, Fukushima prefercture. Safecast’s Joe Moross shows how level vary dramatically over a few meters for both air and surface dose rates.福島県飯舘村地区では放射線量は一定ではなく、線量率は数メートル違うだけで随分異なることをSafecastのJoe Morossが説明します(英語)。

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