Information, Misinformation, Disinformation (or, "These aren't the droids you're looking for.") Part 2

GOVERNMENT MONITORING POSTS [Part 1 here] In recent months there has been a fair amount of controversy concerning the accuracy of the radiation monitoring posts the government has installed all over Fukushima prefecture, and in some neighboring prefectures as well. We wrote about it back in July, 2012: TEPCO cheating on radiation levels by using…

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Visualizing a radiation hotspot

Explanation of the blotchiness of radiation levels along a road in Iitate mura area, Fukushima prefercture. Safecast’s Joe Moross shows how level vary dramatically over a few meters for both air and surface dose rates.福島県飯舘村地区では放射線量は一定ではなく、線量率は数メートル違うだけで随分異なることをSafecastのJoe Morossが説明します(英語)。

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Information Disbursement

We publish our readings online, and now offline as well. 私たちは測定結果を オンラインで公表しているだけでなく、現在はオフラインでも公表しています。

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Safecast will be sharing radiation measurements with Minamisoma City

On February 21st we visited Minamisoma City’s Environmental Public Health Section under the Department of Civic Life.  As one of the municipalities near the nuclear plants, Minamisoma has been receiving a good amount of media coverage recently.  The city has expressed a strong interest in radiation measurements, and individual citizens are demanding that they want…

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Measuring Radiation in Snow

On January 22-23 it snowed heavily in Tokyo. To see if it affects radiation measurements I ran out with a few geiger counters to see if I could detect any change. Snow in Tokyo To measure the fresh snow I used 3 geiger counters and absorption filters: Inspector Alert with 2″ pancake for measurement in…

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World Karate Organization to do All Japan bGeigie Relay

On December 2nd, we handed one bGeigie to the Kenji Midori, the President of the World Karate Organization (WKO), or in Japanese “Shinkyokushinkai”. The WKO is well known in Japan and world wide for organizing the Karate World Championships. Actually the 10th World Cup was just held here in Tokyo. from left to right: Sakurako…

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Safecasting Seabrook

Earlier this year this we had the pleasure of meeting some of the folks at C-10, which is one of the oldest citizen radiation monitoring groups in the world. Established in 1986, they work to address the health and safety issues related to the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant in New Hampshire and small sensor…

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bGeigie Hackerspace World Tour!

If you’ve checked out our maps recently you know that we have covered a lot of ground in Japan, but only scattered readings around the rest of the world. We think these global measurements are really important both to provide some context for the readings we’re taking in Japan and to build a baseline so…

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Excessive Radiation Exposure to Tokyo Population on March 15

Shinzo Kimura was a scientist with the Research Institute under the Japanese Ministry 
of Health and Welfare, and he did a survey on the health effects on the citizens of 
Narodichi, Russia after the Chernobyl accident. Right after 3-11 the 
Ministry pressured him not to publish any of his data and not to provide any…

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Safecasting Oshima Island

This weekend Safecast volunteer Eiji Nishikawa spent some time on Oshima Island. This area was heavily devastated by the quake and tsunami impacting tourism which has been very difficult for the residents. On top of that, there were no available radiation readings for the island and locals were very concerned and assumed the worst. We’re…

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