A High School Student’s experience Safecasting

My name is Richard Zajac and I am a senior at a St. Louis, MO High School. I first learned about SafeCast when I began looking for information about the radiation levels in Japan in preparation for a visit filming a documentary. I soon discovered that SafeCast was the best source of this data, and…

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Safecasting inside the evacuation zone

If you’ve been following our measurements and discussions surrounding them, you know we’ve been saying that the decision to evacuate people in a set radius from the Fukushima Daiichi plant is flawed. Wind, weather, topography and many other factors ensure that radiation isn’t higher the closer you get to the plant, and lower further away,…

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Safecasting Mount Fuji

From August 25 through 28 I made a family vacation by car circling Mount Fuji staying at pensions by the Fuji 5 lakes and in the Hakone-area, basically locations in a circle around Mount Fuji. From the start from my home near Shimo-Kitazawa in Setagaya, Tokyo I mounted a Safecast bGeigie equipped with a MedCom…

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How I spent my Sunday in Fukushima

The Safecasting drives officially started after my last trip to Japan, so I’ve been watching from afar as Pieter and an ever growing volunteer team of total heros have set out time and time again to try and map the radiation levels in the areas surrounding the Fukushima plant, as well as the rest of…

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Shibuya Radiation Seminar Report

Last week we announced we’d be holding radiation seminar in Shibuya – audience spots filled up quickly and the event which happened this morning was a huge success. More than 50 people showed up completely filling the space at Loftwork Ground which we were fortunate enough to have donated to us. You can see a…

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Safecasting in Oshima Island, Japan

My wife and me went for the week-end to Izu Oshima, it is one of the closest island accessible from Tokyo. The black sand beaches and its volcano offer quite good landscapes. We already went several times in past years but not since the March 11th events. 私と妻は、週末伊豆大島を訪れました。伊豆大島は、東京から最も行きやすい島のひとつです。黒砂の海辺とその火山がなかなかいい風景を形成しています。私達は今までにも何度かこの島を訪れていますが、3 月 11 日以降は今回が初めてです。

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Interested in helping?

That would be great! We have a lot of volunteer positions open and I’m sure there’s some we haven’t even thought of yet. If you want to help please take a moment to fill out this interest form and we’ll get in touch soon!それはとてもうれしいです!Safecast ではボランティアの方にしていただきたいことがたくさんありますし、まだ私達が考えついてもいないこともあると思います。もし手助けしてくださるという場合は、少し時間を割いてこのフォームにご記入をお願いします。こちらからご連絡させていただきます。フォームは英語ですが、日本語ベースでご協力いただける方は、日本語メーリングリストにご参加ください。

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Geiger counters delivered to orphanages

Part of the goal of our successful Kickstarter campaign was to distribute geiger counters around Japan to help people get an idea of the radiation levels around their homes and neighborhoods, so when we received a request from two orphanages near the Fukushima exclusion zone we knew their were a perfect candidate. Fukushima Aiikuen (福島愛育園)…

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Making of the bGeigie

Last month I talked about a device we’ve been lovingly referring to as the bGeigie. We concepted it out for the first mobile run and then replicated it for a series of runs last week. The “b” stands for “Bento” and since we’re building these units into cute little boxes we thought that was fitting.…

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