Safecast Code

We’ve been thinking about what describes the Safecast project as a whole, and came up with a list of 10 things that we try to incorporate into all of our efforts. This is something like our code of conduct, what are we doing, what should we be doing. We try to check ourselves against this…

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Why is "Is it safe?" a hard question?

We are getting a lot of questions, both at and through the Safecast group from concerned people – they all try to understand some aspect of radiation or another. And of course, many people ask similar questions, but without doubt the most often asked question is “Is [something] safe?” or a variation of it.…

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Q: Is it safe to come to Tokyo? What about other parts of Japan?

A: While we avoid advising people about the decision to come to Japan, all of us are very comfortable living and working in Tokyo, but quite a few people we know and respect made equally well-considered decisions to leave. Contamination is pretty much everywhere in various amounts, but outside of Fukushima and some nearby prefectures…

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