Safecast Hackathon – January 13-18, 2013

At Safecast, we have been talking about our distributed team(s) and how beneficial it is when we can get people in the same room to actually hack on things. Not just bring each other up to date on what we’ve been working on, but actually get our hands dirty and build stuff. And then when…

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Safecast at Stanford's Medicine X conference

I gave a presentation about Safecast at the Medicine X conference at Stanford today. There was a mix up with some of my slides and I’m not sure if I hit all the points I wanted to, and several people asked me afterwards if the presentation would be online so I thought I’d post it…

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Come see us at Radiex2012, Booth #118

If you are in Tokyo this week please stop by Radiex2012 (Sept. 24 – 26) and see us at Booth #118. We have lots of devices on display! 今週東京にいらっしゃる方、9月24日~26日まで、Radiex2012 エクスポ にSAFECASTとメドコム(Medcom)社がブース118号で出展します。是非、お知り合いやご友人を連れて訪ねてきてください。たくさんの新しいデバイスを展示しています。

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Getting Ready for Radiex

We’ll be at Radiex 2012 this week in Tokyo. If you are there, come see us! 今週東京で行われるRadiex 2012に出展します。展示会にお越しの際には、私達のブースにもお越しください!

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Safecast office opening event

Last night we had our first “Hey Safecast team in Tokyo, come hang out at the new office!” event. It was exciting and awesome to get everyone in the same room and talk about some of the future plans. As you can tell from the last few posts it’s been a productive week to begin…

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Safecast year anniversary event, Shibuya

On March 25th we held a one year anniversary event in Shibuya, Tokyo to discuss the last year of work by Safecast and what we had planned for the coming year. Here are some photos from that event. All photos by Stig Bjorge 3月25日(日)に、東京・渋谷で、セーフキャストの設立1周年のイベントが行われました。そのイベントの内容をお知らせします。 このイベントでは、セーフキャストのこれまでの活動内容についてのプレゼンテーション、その後は、今後予定される活動の紹介がありました。 All photos by Stig Bjorge <動きが迅速だったセーフキャスト> 3月11日の震災の一週間後には、セーフキャストの前身であるRDTNという団体名で、ピーターを中心に日本、アメリカのメンバーたちが、ガイガーカウンターで放射線量を計測しようという動きを始めていました。そしてすぐに、計測したデータをネット上で見ることができるシステムを米国MITメディアラボ(と一緒に確立したのです。 さらに、車にガイガーカウンターを搭載し、5秒毎にCPMとマイクロシーベルトが計測できる上に、GPSで位置確認もできる「bガイギー(bGeigie)」を開発しました。これによって計測が一気に加速し、今では230万件以上のデータをセーフキャストは収集しています。 このデータの特徴は、全て同じ種類のガイガーカウンターを使い、高さ、キャリブレーションなど一定の条件の元で計測することで、情報の質を高めようとしてきたのです。

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Safecast events in Tokyo March 24 + 25

This coming weekend we’ll have a few events around Tokyo marking the 1 year anniversary of Safecast’s existence. On Saturday evening, March 24th from 2200 – 0030, we’ll participate in the Roppongi Art Night events. We’re presenting here in conjunction with others, we’ll actually only have 15 minutes of this time, but not sure when…

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Safecast will be sharing radiation measurements with Minamisoma City

On February 21st we visited Minamisoma City’s Environmental Public Health Section under the Department of Civic Life.  As one of the municipalities near the nuclear plants, Minamisoma has been receiving a good amount of media coverage recently.  The city has expressed a strong interest in radiation measurements, and individual citizens are demanding that they want…

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Open Research Forum – Scanning the Earth

On November 23rd, the Keio University Open Research Forum 2011 was held. The highlight was the talk by Prof Jun Murai (Keio SFC and Safecast Advisor) and Joi Ito (MIT Media Lab and Safecast Advisor). The talk featured Safecast and the ScanningTheEarth project, but also covered topics such as the direction of the Internet, impact…

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