SAFECAST-10 EVENT: “Read the Air” — Thu, April 22 18:00 JST

— Introducing the Most-Easy-to-Use Air Quality Monitor Ever Built! The Airnote with Safecast —

— Join the competition to win an Airnote (by April 20th) see below! —

“Read the Air”: This year, Safecast is introducing several IoT devices including the Airnote, the Most-Easy-to-Use Air Quality Monitor Ever Built!, and the bGeigie Zen, the exciting follow up to the bGeigie nano, featuring a unique mobile radiation sensor.

This online/offline hybrid event in collaboration with FabCafe Tokyo will be featuring guest speakers Prof. Shigeru Kobayashi (Professor of Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS]), Ray Ozzie (Blues Wireless), Rob Oudendijk (Safecast), Mat Schaffer (Safecast) and Tim Wong (Loftwork and FabCafe Taiwan).




To celebrate Earth Day 2021, Safecast and FabCafe are organizing an online/offline hybrid event featuring several new environmental data tracking IoT devices including the Airnote, the Most-Easy-to-Use Air Quality Monitor Ever Built!, and the bGeigie Zen, the new and improved bGeigie followup to the bGeigie nano which features a unique mobile radiation sensor. Safecast is the leading global Citizen Science project that brings open environmental data collected by volunteers around the world.

The Airnote is an air quality monitoring solution built by Blues Wireless, in partnership with Safecast. Perfect for home, business, and community use, it includes subscription free cellular data across 130 countries, on-device insights, and a complete picture of your environment in a web-based dashboard provided as open data by Safecast. Ray Ozzie, founder of Blues Wireless, will join remotely from Boston, US to talk about the Airnote and the technology that is powering it.

The bGeigie Zen is a mobile radiation sensor based on Safecast original bGeigie. The Zen takes IoT design to the next level by using standard building blocks such as the M5 and a new sensor board, the SafePulse, to build the most cost-effective, easy to build mobile measurement platform. Rob Oudendijk is leading the team designing the bGeigieZen and will talk about how the bGeigie Zen works and what makes it’s design unique.

We will also be joined by Prof. Shigeru Koboyashi, a hero in the world of Arduino/DIY, who will provide his views on where we’re heading with IoT and environmental measurement in Japan and Tim Wong, from Loftwork and FabCafe Taipei, long time Safecast collaborator and creative community builder, who will share with us his insights about these new IoT devices. Safecast co-founder Pieter Frank and Safecast Lead Researcher, Azby Brown, will be joining the cross talk.

Recommended for:
・People who are interested in air quality monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) devices
・People interested in Safecast and citizen science projects
・People interested in the latest innovations in mobile environmental data
・People interest in data visualization and open APIs

50 (Offline at FabCafe Tokyo)
100 (Online using Zoom)

Offline ticket @FabCafe Tokyo: ¥1,000 (includes 1 drink)
Online ticket @Zoom: Free*

*Donations are always appreciated!

When: Thu, April 22, 2021 18:00 – 22:00 Doors open at 17:30 (UTC+09:00)


Show Us Your Air, Get an Airnote!

In celebration of IoT Day on April 9th, and Earth Day on April 22nd, blue wireless is giving a handful of Airnotes away!

From April 8th to April 20th, we’re running a contest called Show us your air, Get an Airnote. Film a 30 second video that shows us where you’d place an Airnote, and why you want to measure the air quality where you are. Then, post that video to a sharing service like YouTube or Vimeo and send blue wireless the link by April 20th. Blue wireless will send free Airnotes to the creators of the 5 best videos and announce the winners on Earth Day, April 22nd. For details check out the official page here!



Shigeru Kobayashi

Professor, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS]

Shigeru Kobayashi explores methods for people with diverse skills, perspectives, and experiences to collaborate on innovation using open source hardware and digital fabrication, and the appropriate rules for dealing with the intellectual property created in the process. He is the author of Prototyping Lab 2nd Edition and Idea Sketching. He is the general director of Ogaki Mini Maker Faire, a biennial maker movement festival held in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture, since 2010.


Ray Ozzie

CEO of Blues Wireless

Ray has long been a pioneer in the areas of communications and social productivity. Through late 2010 he served as chief software architect of Microsoft, the company’s most senior technical leadership role that he assumed following its acquisition of Groove Networks – a company he founded in 1997 to develop software for secure peer-to-peer business team collaboration. Ozzie currently serves as a director of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Safecast, and Balena, and serves as CEO of Blues Wireless. Prior to Groove, in 1984 Ozzie was founder and CEO of Iris Associates, the creator and developer of Lotus Notes that was ultimately acquired by Lotus and IBM. Under his leadership, Lotus Notes grew to be used for e-Mail and low-code collaborative applications by hundreds of millions at most major enterprises worldwide.

Ozzie has been part of the PC industry since its inception, having led development of Symphony at Lotus, and as a developer on the teams developing 1-2-3 at Lotus and VisiCalc at Software Arts. Previously, he served on the National Research Council’s Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, and as a director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).


Rob Oudendijk

Safecast bGeigieZen Lead Researcher

Goals: Learn to understand life and so: – to contribute to make life for all people better. – not only present but also future generations. – contribute towards resolving conflicts in the world. Experience in chronological order: Learning experience: – Learn from my mother. – learned from nature. – Learned from friends and teachers. –


Mat Schaffer

Observability Engineer at Elastic Cloud

Mat is an Engineer and Team Lead at Elastic Cloud who loves working with high scale cloud operations and time series data. His career has spanned from enterprises to startups, Java to Ruby and many others. At Safecast, he helps organize the API team, maintains Cloud infrastructure, builds new data exploration features, and keeps our wonderful data open and available for the world to benefit.


Tim Wong

FabCafe Taipei / Loftwork Taiwan co-founder

Tim was born in Hong Kong and lived in the US for 17 years. He relocated to Taiwan in 2008, because he believes Taiwan has the good opportunity to create a creative platform that cultivates innovative ideas and projects with creative talents from different background.

Before co-founding FabCafe Taipei in 2013 and Loftwork Taiwan in 2014, He has been an urban design practitioner for 7 years and worked on urban design projects across the US, Middle East, and various Asian cities. He graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design with dual Master degrees in Architecture and Urban Design.


Azby Brown

Writer, Safecast researcher, leading authority on Japanese architecture, design, and environmentalism

AZBY BROWN is a native of New Orleans, and has lived in Japan since 1985. He is a leading authority on Japanese architecture, design, and environmentalism, and the author of The Very Small Home (2005), Just Enough: Lessons in living green from traditional Japan (2010), and The Genius of Japanese Carpentry (2014). Since the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster in March 2011, Azby has been lead researcher for Safecast, a highly successful global volunteer-based citizen-science organization devoted to developing new technology platforms for crowdsourced environmental monitoring which promote open-source and open data principles. In his writing and media appearances, Azby offers a credible, critical, and independent voice to counter partisan talking points.


Pieter Franken

Co-founder of Safecast

Pieter is co-founder of Safecast. His career in Financial Services spans over 25 years, specializing in O&T, Fintech, innovation and large-scale transformations. He has held C-level and executive positions with industry leaders such as Citigroup, Shinsei Bank, Aplus, Monex Securities and Monex Group. Pieter is Senior Advisor to Monex Group and is Vice-Chair of the Alternate Investments Committee (AIC) of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ). He is a member of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) International Technology Advisory Panel (ITAP) and is Board Director at AFIN, a MAS/ABA/IFC co-founded initiative to accelerate Financial Inclusion across Asia and the Middle East. He’s a much looked after advisor and expert speaker on a wide range of topics and is known for providing deep insights pulling from is wide experience in IT, financial services, and innovation management.



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