NFT Fundraiser on OpenSea

When Safecast started we took inspiration from the worlds we already lived in. Hackerspaces, DIY, Technoarts, Design, Open… these things are deeply woven into our DNA as an organization and a community. In the last decade we’ve continued to pull in passions from other areas of our lives, intentionally blurring the lines between work and play. An obvious example of this is music, if you’ve seen or been to any of our events you know we’re always including musicians and live music in the programming and most recently the launch of SAFECAST.LIVE which brings to question where the lines are between science and art, and how one can influence or even create the other.

Over the last 10 years we’ve spent a significant amount of time around the blockchain. We’ve worked closely with Keio University’s Blockchain Research Lab and MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative. We’ve explored the potential of using blockchain technology to validate sensor measurements to protect against 3rd party institutions or governmental tampering. If you joined us for any part of our 10th anniversary 24 hour livestream then you probably know 2020 was a bad year for us financially, as quarantines and lockdowns stood in the way many of our normal streams of funding. As a non-profit our relationship with money is always precarious and a bit of a balancing act, but 2020 got deep into very uncomfortable territory. So it’s no surprise that we’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening the world of NFTs. The combination of art and technology is obviously fascinating, but the added potential to provide another stream of funding to allow us to keep doing the work we do here seemed like something we couldn’t ignore. So it’s with that reason I’m excited to announce our first NFT Fundraiser which we’re launching on OpenSea.

First and foremost we’ve created the nftGeigie! This is a fun bitmapped nod to the punks and kitties which where the innovators of the space, as well as riff on our continued weird naming conventions. We made an edition of 10 of these with the G sticker which will be offered for a flat price of Ξ0.5, as well as 10 individually numbered versions that we’ll put to auction. Next up, we thought it would be cool to be able to “buy” some of our more significant drives, so we’ve minted NFTs of our first bGeigie Log files from Tokyo, Fukushima and Chernobyl. Look at these as the beginning of an ongoing series. While these are each one of a kind items, in the future we may issue NFTs for other cities and noteworthy locations. Finally, KETHER CORTEX has donated several pieces of concept art from his work on SAFECAST.LIVE which provide a wonderful view behind the curtain so to speak of thoughts and ideas that evolved and found their way into the final work.

All auctions are live now, beginning at Ξ0.1 and will run for 5 days. This is a fundraiser and proceeds will go to keep our servers online and keep Safecast going. Let’s see what the NFT community can do!