Leaders speak out

This week we highlight a few of the leaders who joined us for the Safecast 10th anniversary mobile livestream event last month.  Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Dr. Jun Murai, and Chiaki Hayashi have all been key supporters and advisors of Safecast, each with a different focus and background. All of them have brought a new style of leadership to their fields, and Safecast is happy to have benefitted from their insight over the past decade.

Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa spent most of his six-decade career involved in public health, in Japan, at the WHO, and elsewhere, and has been an executive member of many national and international professional societies. He was professor of medicine at UCLA (1979-84), at the University of Tokyo (‘89-‘96), was the Dean of Tokai University Medical School (‘96-‘02); the President of the Science Council of Japan (2003-06); and Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan (‘06-‘08). Following the Fukushima disaster, he was appointed chair of Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC) by the National Diet of Japan (‘11-‘12), which produced a scathing report which focussed on institutional behavior and responsibility within the Japanese government and TEPCO. He joined us at Safecast 10 to talk about leadership, both the consistent qualities that have always been necessary and the ever-changing new requirements that require adaptive leadership to emerge. (In Japanese and English)


Dr. Jun Murai is known as the Father of the Internet in Japan, having established JUNET, the first network in Japan connecting multiple universities, in 1984. He is a Special Advisor to the Cabinet in Japan and serves on many other governmental committees. He is a Distinguished Professor at Keio University, and in 1988, he established the WIDE Project, a Japanese Internet research consortium, which provided essential cooperative support for Safecast beginning in 2011. Dr. Murai contributed a video statement for Safecast 10 in which he congratulates Safecast on its role in achieving wide recognition of the benefits of Open Data and looks towards the future.(In English with Japanese subtitles)


Chiaki Hayashi has been recognized as a visionary female Japanese business leader. She founded Loftwork in 2000, which became Safecast’s home base in Tokyo in 2012. Hayashi has spearheaded many business and development innovations, including using digital technology to better utilize and promote traditional crafts, such as wood fabrication, and their inherent environmental sensibility. She is a member of the Good Design Awards Screening Committee and METI’s Industrial Construction Council Manufacturing Industry Subcommittee “Study Group on Competitiveness and Design.” Notably she was named Woman Of The Year 2017 by Nikkei. In this video segment she talks with Pieter Franken about design innovation and what she sees the particular strengths and significance of Safecast’s design approach. (In Japanese with English subtitles)