COVID-19 Action Update

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we published our initial response, best practices and initial assessment to the global Coronavirus outbreak and we wanted to give you an update on our ongoing efforts and actions. Since then the situation has continued to develop and last week we expanded on some of the ideas in our initial post in an article for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists entitled “What the Fukushima meltdowns taught us about how to respond to coronavirus” which we hope will help pass on some of what we’ve learned from the experience of the last 9 years. But we do not intend to be exclusively reflective in this situation which we expect will continue to impact us all in various levels of severity.

As a proactive measure we were able to assist our friends at The GovLab and The Federation of American Scientists to build this chatbot to help people quickly access information and answer some of their questions. This is the first step of many.

Here at Safecast we’ve put up a new section which will serve as a directory to efforts and resources – including a new daily newsletter for COVID-19 related info. In the coming days we hope to have more work to share, and will post it on as soon as we do.