Safecast bGeigie featured in recent museum exhibitions

Safecast was part of the “Make It Make It” exhibition in Seoul.

The bGeigie has been taking a small break from its day job collecting radiation data and touring museums in Asia and North America. The visits are merely a different kind of work, though, as Safecast’s bGeigie Nano and data visualizations have been featured two interesting recent exhibitions.

One, called “Make It Make It,” was at the Buk Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA). The exhibition’s aim was to reinterpret maker activity and the makers movement from the viewpoint of contemporary art.

Children were very interested in at the Safecast display in Seoul.

Safecast and its bGeigie were featured as part of the exhibition as an illustration of ‘what collective intelligence can connect, collaborate and share over the network.’

On the American East Coast, another bGeigie was part of the Big Bang Data exhibition at the MIT Museum.  Big Bang Data’s aim is to explore where – and how – culture, technology, and society intersect in the digital age. It was initially conceived by the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB) and has been travelling the world since 2014. Prior to arriving at MIT, the exhibition has been held in London, Mexico City, Prague, Singapore, and several other cities.

Safecast collaborator Hugh Choi at the “Make It Make It” exhibit.

A big thanks to Safecast collaborator Hugh Choi for the photos used in this article!