Come with us on a trip through Fukushima

As we announced last month, we have a Kickstarter running right now to celebrate the launch of our new bGeigie Raku, which is a much easier to build version of the bGeigie Nano with a handful of other improvements as well. We’ve included some fun reward levels like an exclusive challenge coin and special edition bGeigie Nano plates for people who already have one of those, as well as the brand new bGeigie Raku of course. But today we added a new top tier backer level that we expect some people will be quite excited about.
Join us on a 2 day trip from our offices in Tokyo, to Fukushima and through The Zone. We’ll stay overnight and return the next day. Naturally you’ll receive your own bGeigie for this trip so that you can take measurements as well. We very rarely bring guests on this trips, not for lack of interest but because we usually are going for a set purpose and can’t arrange things to work out for other people, but for this that will be the primary focus. You can read this blog post from 2011 or this LA Times story from 2016 to get an idea what the trips are like. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, now is your chance.
We have 3 distinct options depending on your needs. You and some other guests of our choosing will all go together, you’ll get your own hotel room, and we’ll make a fun trip out of it. Or if you’d like something more personal we have an option for a solo trip without any other guest. Finally, if you’d like to bring a friend or family member (and share a hotel room with them) we have an option for that as well. Want something else? Let us know. We’ll personalize these trips to make them work best for you. Of course, you’ll need to get yourself to our office in Tokyo on your own, but we’ll handle the details for the trip to Fukushima. Can’t wait to meet you in Tokyo, see you soon!