Our World Our Data: videos + presentations

Each year we at Safecast work to organize a public event where we can both discuss our current efforts as well as highlight others do work in the open / environmental data areas. In previous years this has taken the form of The Safecast Conference which we’ve hosted in Tokyo. For 2017 we wanted to do an event in the US that continued to expand the conversation beyond what might be considered the traditional scope of Safecast. Along with the MIT Media Lab, we conceived the idea for Our World, Our Data (OWOD).

The OWOD conference, organized by Safecast and hosted by the MIT Media Lab on April 30th this year was a provocative and enlightening success. Bringing together expert speakers from government, security, medicine, environment, urban studies, and other fields, it gave attendees a superb overview of the growing threats to citizen access to data on issues that affect them, and many points of optimism as well. Famed rocker Ted Leo lent his generous wit to the proceedings as MC. If you weren’t able to attend, fret no longer: indexed videos of the entire conference are now available online, as are the conference presentations.

We encourage everyone to take some time to become part of this important discussion. Direct links below…

Morning Session full video

Presentation slides:
Beth Simone Noveck, NYU GovLab / Safecast Advisor
Matthew McKinzie, NRDC Washington
Andrew Young, GovLab / Data Collectives
Pieter Franken, Safecast
Natalie Evans Harris
John Wilbanks, Sage Bionetworks / Faster Cures
Sean Bonner, Safecast

Afternoon Session full video

Presentation slides:
Daniel Lombraña González, SciFabric
Abhijit RS, EDF / ASW
Azby Brown, Safecast
Denice Ross, Police Data Initiative
Madeleine Ball, Open Humans Foundation
Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Chair, NAIIC.org; Fukushima Nuclear Accident Commission
Jay Patel, ACH
Sarah Williams, MIT Urban Studies and Planning
Sean Bonner & Pieter Franken, Safecast