New Safecast Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

Above: A prototype bGeigie Raku (left) pictured alongside a bGeigie Nano (right)
Safecast just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to find development of the bGeigie Raku, our latest-generation bGeigie mobile radiation detector.  Kickstarter invited us to participate in their new Kickstarter Gold program, which just launched today, and brings together new proposals from iconic past campaigns campaign. We’re totally psyched to be included. Our new campaign has also been designated by Kickstarter as a “Project We Love.”
Full info here.

Okano-San head priest from Seirinji Temple in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima, shows off a prototype bGeigie Raku.
The Kickstarter community has been very good to us.  Our earlier Kickstarter campaigns in 2011 and 2012 allowed the development of the first bGeigie generation as well as the Geiger counter we developed with Andrew “bunnie” Huang. Our new campaign is to get the easy-to-build bGeigie Raku off the ground. It has the same sensor and form factor as the bGeigie nano, but as we explain in our campaign proposal:

Like the bBeigie Nano, it’s also a kit, but adopts a preassembled main board and plug/snap together components and housing to make it possible to assemble without soldering, as well as other improvements such as more processing power and a larger, more legible display, combined with onboard bluetooth to allow measurement uploads through iOS and Android devices. Like the bGeigie Nano, it is easy to hack and expand with a faster CPU and more memory while remaining Arduino-compatible. It has a larger, easy to read display, and settings are easy to configure with a joystick controller, eliminating the need for editing config files. Our first prototypes are very promising, but we need to fund development for another rev of prototypes, writing the firmware, and the manufacturing stage. We’d like to launch this by producing the first 50 units, which will be lent to individuals and groups in low income, poorly covered areas and developing countries to help new Safecast communities there.

Please check out the campaign and consider making a pledge!

The main board of the bGeigie Raku (known during early development as he Integrated bGeigie), comes with many components preassembled.