Safecast In Taiwan: Asia Network Kick-off And Radiation Workshops

Safecast travelled to Taiwan for part of the Safecast Asia network kick-off, as well as citizen science radiation workshops and data gathering tours.
Safecast was in Taiwan as part of the Asia Network Kick-off tour, and held two workshops. One was at the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) near Taipei, and the second was held at FabCafe Taipei.
The NCTU workshop saw students from many different faculties come together and learn how to construct kGeigies and make radiation measurements as part of a course on smart citizens. The students also got to know about citizen science principles and became citizen scientists by measuring their school campus.

The great mix of students from diverse fields, including architects, designers, STEM-fields and many other professions was a perfect example of the collaboration that Safecast hopes to promote. It’s often when people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets come together that you get the best innovation and collaboration.

The second workshop was held at Fab Café Taipei. As part of the workshop, Safecast members met with local volunteer group LASS (Local Aware Sensing System). LASS is doing amazing work with citizen data and science, using stationary air sensors in Taiwan to measure air pollution. The workshop was a great chance to talk about how the two organisations can work together in future.
The FabCafe workshop was also visited by a great cross-section of people, from different walks of life.
About the Safecast Asia Network
Safecast has been fortunate to have supporters in several Asian cities who have helped organize events and start volunteer communities. Many of these people have gotten to know each other, and so we’ve launched the Safecast Asia Network initiative to help them stay in touch.
The Safecast Asia Network is an initiative to forge stronger ties between Safecast volunteer groups across Asia and beyond. The project aims to support knowledge sharing, collaboration, exchange experiences with engaging local communities and strengthen ties between Safecast volunteers and groups across the continent.
Further kick-off events in Seoul, Singapore, and Bangkok are in the works for the latter half of 2017.

Taiwan Data:
The Taiwan trip was the fourth time that Safecast visited the island. It was a great opportunity to collect more radiation data from various locations, especially in and around Taipei. Generally speaking, measurements were relatively low. The only exception was a certain area in the centre of Taipei, where we recorded twice the amount of radiation we found elsewhere. The likely culprit was the granite used for a case of stairs in the area. As we have talked about before on the blog, certain granite contains much higher levels of radioactive material than other things.