Safecast In Hong Kong: Asia Network Kick-off And Radiation Workshops

Safecast was in Hong Kong for part of the Safecast Asia network kick-off, as well as for  a citizen science radiation workshop and data gathering tours.
Over 30 people, including children, some as young as eight, took part in the workshop that covered introduction to the basics of measuring radiation, what radiation is, how to construct a kGeigie board and making measurements in the area around the workshop venue.

They learned first-hand how a small group of people can create a detailed radiation map of their local area in just a short time. The wide variety represented by the people taking part is core to the Safecast ethos, and we would like to say a big thank you to all the people who took part!

Two special guests – and Safecast volunteers – also attended the workshop, and gave presentations about their work.
Cesar Harada is an oceanographer who has used a modified bGeigie to measure radiation levels in sea and riverbeds around Fukushima.
Chris Cheung Hon Him is an artist who has created a virtual city-scape based on the Safecast data.

RadianceScape / 輻射界 from XCEED on Vimeo.
New and old connections grow
The Hong Kong trip was also a great opportunity to meet up to with old and new friends.

Clarisse had previously travelled to Tokyo where she built a bGeigie. She had brought several friends along, who got to try their hand building bGeigies at the workshop.
Mamie Lau, Director of RadHealth and former environment protection officer in Hong Kong, attended the workshop. Mamie has mapped radiation levels around Hong Kong that clearly show how background radiation in some areas is almost a third higher than the world average.
The Safecast team visit coincided with the Hong Kong Maker Faire. It was a great chance to visit exhibitions, meet makers, and get inspiration from the rich Hong Kong tech and maker scene.

HK’s premier TV station covered part of Safecast’s visit and workshop, and the resulting show should air sometime in summer.

The list of people to thank is about as long as a phone book, but Safecast would like to give a big thank you to all mentioned above, all who attended the workshops, and a big kudos to Eda, Harvey, Yipin, Tim, Mamie, Justin and our long-time collaborators at Loftwork for making it all happen!!!
About the Safecast Asia Network
Safecast has been fortunate to have supporters in several Asian cities who have helped organize events and start volunteer communities. Many of these people have gotten to know each other, and so we’ve launched the Safecast Asia Network initiative to help them stay in touch.
The Safecast Asia Network is an initiative to forge stronger ties between Safecast volunteer groups across Asia and beyond. The project aims to support knowledge sharing, collaboration, exchange experiences with engaging local communities and strengthen ties between Safecast volunteers and groups across the continent.
Further kick-off events in Seoul, Singapore, and Bangkok are in the works for the latter half of 2017.
Hong Kong data
The Hong Kong trip was around the fifth time Safecast visited the island, and it presented a chance to explore the impact of building materials on levels of radiation. As we have written about before, the level of background radiation in Hong Kong is comparatively high, in large part due to the use of granite in construction. Articles about our Hong Kong measurements have appeared in various media, including CNN and the South China Morning Post.