bGeigie Takes Part in Large-Scale Czech Radiation Emergency Exercise

Safecast’s bGeigie joined the action when Czech authorities, including the police and army, participated in the ZONA 2017 exercise at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). The exercise simulated a radiation accident at Dukovany and was held to test protective measures and the Integrated Rescue System of the Vysočina Region and the South Moravian Region.
Below is a video of the exercise.

“Both monitoring flights – Czech Army and Czech Police helicopter – were performed within the ZONA 2017 exercise, which is performed every two years and it is about fictional accident at one of our NPPs. The aim is testing and training of crisis management mechanisms in case of a nuclear accident,” Jan Helebrant, Safecast volunteer and radioprotection specialist at the Czech National Radiation Protection Institute, explains.

Map of the route flown by one of the helicopters taking part in ZONA 2017.

Safecast and the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is one of the best mapped countries on the Safecast tile map (LINK).
This is in part thanks to a small group of very active volunteers, including Jan Helebrant and his colleague Lubomír Gryc, at the Czech National Radiation Protection Institute (Statni Ustav Radiacni Ochrany).
Jan and Lubomir have previously had great success with deploying a bGeigie Nano at a high-level international radiation survey exercise. You can read all about their experiences here.