Event Announcement: Our World, Our Data at MIT

Fresh on the heels of our 6th anniversary, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be co-hosting a conference at MIT next month.

Our World, Our Data:  Taking Collective Responsibility for Citizen and Environmental Sensing

We live in a world increasingly driven by data and at a time in which the  amount of it is increasing exponentially. From information about environmental pollution to sensors in our neighborhoods, it has never been easier to access or to collect data. Most people don’t realize just how many kinds of data exist and how they can be used to empower—and sometimes  to disempower—people at a fundamental level.
On April 30, 2017 Safecast and the MIT Media Lab hosts a symposium, “Our World, Our Data: Taking Collective Responsibility for Citizen and Environmental Sensing.” Join us as experts from both the public and private sectors explore the issues surrounding environmental data, discuss the consequences and impact of its uses, and examine who we trust to work with our data and why.
Full speaker list and agenda forthcoming. Space is limited, if you’d like to attend please RSVP as soon as possible.