SAFECAST paper included in JRP "most influential research" collection

We’re pleased to announce that our peer-reviewed research paper, “Safecast: successful citizen-science for radiation measurement and communication after Fukushima,” which was published in the prestigious Journal of Radiological Protection in June 2016, has been selected for the journal’s “Highlights of 2016” collection. According to Maggie Simmons, the journal’s publisher, the collection “…brings together some of the very best research published in JRP in 2016, celebrating the quality and diversity of papers we published last year. Selected by the editorial board, the articles featured span some of the most interesting areas of radiological protection, and collectively are a reflection of the most influential research published in JRP in 2016.”

We’re honored to be in such good company. All articles in this special collection are free-to-read until December 31, 2017.

The collection can be read and/or downloaded here.