Safecast Merch

Over the last 5+ years we’ve almost never had publicly available merchandise, restricting our t-shirts and stickers and things to volunteers and in person visitors to our office. However we’re often asked if we have anything that people can buy to support us, and represent our work in their corner of the world. We’re happy to have two fairly limited items available right now.
Our brand new bGeigie X-Ray t-shirt. This shirt features an x-ray photo of our workhorse bGeigie Nano that one of our volunteers was able to get. It’s a very nice 2 color one sided shirt that is being printed for pre-orders only! That means that if you want one you have only 1 week left to buy it, as we’re only making enough to cover the existing orders. It’s available in almost every size you can imagine and is $30 plus shipping, to anywhere in the world. Order one now. Additionally, if you fancy your luck, you can try to win one from Kithub!
Lapel pins! We just made a very few of these up and they turned out fantastic. They look gold in this photo but are in fact more of a chrome-silver finish. These are high end cloissone pins, 3/4 of an inch square. As we only have a few of these on hand we’re going to make them a thank you gift for anyone who becomes a recurring monthly donor at the Supporter level or above.
We’re very happy with both these offerings, and if it seems like people enjoy them as well then perhaps we’ll come up with some more merchandise soon.