Safecast 5th Anniversary bGeigie Workshop – April 23-34 Tokyo

bGeigie 5th anniversary edition
The bGeigie Nano 5th Anniversary Very Limited Edition

After a successful test drive around the Tokyo Bay area the day before, April 24th, 2011 was the first drive with the Safecast bGeigie to Fukushima. The bGeigie was the breakthrough that got us to collect over 43,000,000 radiation measurements in over 70 countries over the past 5 years. The bGeigie Nano Kit is the 7th generation bGeigie for which we received the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013.
To commemorate the 5th birthday of the bGeigie, we will be doing a special, two day bGeigie Nano workshop on April 23rd and 24th, at the Safecast offices in Shibuya Tokyo.
For this special occasion we have made a limited set of 10 bGeigie kits that feature a special top plate, designed by Safecast volunteer and award winning Industrial Designer Jurgen Westerhoff and hand cut by Jonathan Wilder on FabCafe‘s laser cutter. Jurgen also designed the original transparent plates for the nano 3 years ago and each of the 10 top plates will have a unique pattern, so none is the same!

Laser cutting the 5th Anniversary edition plates – each one is slightly different!

The bGeigie workshop runs each day from 10am to 6pm. It is possible to complete your kit on a single day, or do it over 2 days. No soldering skills or tools are needed and we teach you how to use the bGeigie at the end of the workshop including how to upload to Safecast! For each day we have a limited number of seats, and it’s “first come, first served” basis!
The bGeigie Nano kit costs 50,000 yen, or if you have already got a kit from either or Amazon, you’re welcome to bring that instead (please tell us if you do bring your own). For 5,000 yen extra you can get a Bluetooth option, that allows for connectivity with iOS or Android devices and easy upload (limited supplies)

The bGeigie Nano 5th Anniversary edition with the Bluetooth Interface module and Drivecast App
The bGeigie Nano 5th Anniversary edition with the Bluetooth Interface module and Drivecast App

To reserve your seat for the workshop, please send an email to with your name, contact phone number and which day you want to join. If you want to have the Bluetooth interface or the 5th anniversary Limited Edition, please tell us. We can only confirm your participation upon receipt of email.
Location: Safecast Office, Loftwork 8F map
Date & Time: April 23-24, 2016. 10am – 6pm (please select one of the days)
Fee: 50,000 yen for bGeigie Nano kit or 55,000 yen for bGeigie Nano kit + BLEbee Bluetooth interface. (There’s no charge for the workshop if you already have a kit)
Other: Bring your laptop if you want to learn how to upload data