bGeigie Bluetooth

One of the most requested additions to the bGeigie Nano is the ability to automatically send data to the Safecast api via a paired mobile phone’s cellular connection rather than having to upload the data later  via a web browser. We’ve been beta testing an option for this for a while and are excited to announce that this feature is now available for everyone! We’ve teamed up with Mikro-Labs and Kithub to offer special versions of the BLEBee (low energy bluetooth module) that are configured specifically to work with the bGeigie Nano and your iOS or Android device. The app is free but current bGeigie Nano owners will need to buy the new bluetooth module to add to their device. While the off the shelf BLEBee ships from China and will need a firmware update in order to work correctly with a bGeigie, our friends at Kithub have arranged to secure a batch of properly configured modules that will work perfectly with a Safecast bGeigie right out of the box, and will ship them from the US.
Download the free Safecast:Drive app [ Apple App Store | Google Play | Amazon Apps ]