SAFECAST bGeigie Nano Building Workshop and Good Design Award reception party at Loftwork, Saturday Oct. 19, 2013

SAFECAST is proud to announce that we have been awarded a Good Design Award for 2013, in the “Services and Systems for the Public” category.
SAFECAST was founded shortly after the start of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March, 2011. Independent and volunteer-run, SAFECAST has developed hardware and software systems for rapidly gathering accurate radiation data and making it easily accessible to the public via the internet and an iOS app. To date SAFECAST has collected and mapped more than 13 million data points, covering Fukushima and the rest of Japan as well as many locations overseas.
To celebrate our Good Design award, on Saturday Oct. 19, 2013, SAFECAST will hold a daylong bGeigie Nano building workshop on the 10th floor of Loftwork in Shibuya, and a thank you party immediately following. Please join us! It’s your chance to build an award-winning radiation detector with assistance from the designers, and learn how to contribute radiation data you’ve collected to our public database.
Date: Saturday Oct. 19, 2013
10:00 Doors open
10:30 Workshop starts
17:00 Workshop closes
18:00-21:00 Party
Fees: Workshop: 45,000 yen (to cover the cost of a bGeigie Nano kit);
Party: 1,000 yen
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bGeigie Nano workshop in Aizu, June 2013Taking commemorate photo together
今回の受賞を記念して、10月19日(土)、ロフトワーク10階で、SAFECASTが開発した最新版の移動式放射線測定器 bGeigie Nano(ビーガイギーナノ)の組立ワークショップ、その後に、受賞の感謝会(パーティー)を開きます。是非、ご参加ください。(要予約)
10時 開場
10時30分 ワークショップ 開始
17時 ワークショップ 終了
18時―21時 パーティー
参加費:ワークショップ 45,000円(Nano kit代)、パーティ1000円
お問い合わせ先: Contact:
SAFECAST 広報担当:田中響子
今年6月に会津で行ったbGeigie Nanoのワークショップの様子