GLC hits over a mIllion points!

Safecasters Joe Moross (far left) and Pieter Franken (far right), flanking GLC’s bGeigie team.

Global Survey Corp., which goes by the initials “GLC,” has been mapping Japan’s roads since 2005. Their data is used in many car navi systems, as well as for quite a few specialized applications. For instance, since 2009, the company has been measuring and mapping electromagnetic wave intensity to help customers optimize the placement of antennas for radio broadcast and wireless LANs, and to improve location accuracy for cell phone providers. So they have experience gathering invisible environmental data.
GLC website

Safecast was very fortunate to be introduced to GLC in August, 2011, by Prof. Tomo Furutani, part of Prof. Jun Murai’s team at Keio University, which also provided material support for the project. By early September that year GLC had a bGeigie in operation on one of their road-mapping vehicles, and soon asked for two more. The results they obtained in one year with three bGeigies were so good, we provided ten more units in December 2012. GLC recently passed the million-measurement mark for Safecast, which makes them our single most prolific data-gathering volunteer. We’re incredibly grateful for the time and effort they have put into collecting radiation data for us.
Hidenori Nakajima, the GLC liaison for this project, says, “After 3/11, so many people in Japan were in trouble, and our company wanted to do something for them. When we heard about Safecast’s bGeigie system, we were extremely impressed. Anyone can use it just by attaching it to their car. We’re very happy we’ve been able to help.”
A GLC mapping vehicle with bGeigie attached

GLC has told us that they try to cover every major road in Japan three times a year, and all the other roads at least once each year. Out of their fleet of 14 cars, 7 or 8 are on the road at any one time. With so many bGeigie-equipped vehicles constantly crisscrossing the country we estimate that GLC could soon be providing 500,000 measurements per month to Safecast. To that, we all say, “Hooray!”

Safecasters Joe Moross (far left) and Pieter Franken (far right), flanking GLC’s bGeigie team.

GLC website