Tokyo Hackathon underway

We kicked off the first hackathon of 2013 today in Tokyo. In many ways today was a planning session for what the rest of the week will look like. We ran through the issues lists on several key Safecast repositories on GitHub and created some milestones of things we’d like to solve this week, as well as discussed what new needs to happen and when it needs to happen by. Some of the team is still rolling into town and I expect the next few days to increase in productivity and intensity. With people flying in to Tokyo from Dublin, Boston, Los Angeles and joining with those from all over Japan it’s fantastic to get everyone into one room to brainstorm, problem solve and plan courses of action. I know we have a spectacular collection of talent working on this project, but days like today make it so apparent.
I’m incredibly excited to see what this week brings, we’ll be updating as we go and broadcasting parts live here and there for people who might like to join. Follow @safecast on twitter for specific info when we do it.
新しく何かをする必要があるのか、そうであれば、いつまでにそれをしなければならないのか、などと一緒に、 GitHub上のいくつかの主要なリポジトリ内の課題表にひと通り目を通し、今週中に解決したい事について、マイルストンをいくつか設定しました。
興味のある人たちのために、ブロードキャスティング中継もしています。私たちが行っている具体的な情報については、ツイッター、 @safecast をフォローしてください。
(翻訳:Toshiyuki Arai )