Safecast Short Film in Focus Forward Films semifinals
Tokyo based filmmaker Adrian Storey made this fantastic 3 minute documentary about Safecast for the Focus Forward Films competition and it’s made it to the semifinals! We’re really excited because not only is Adrian is an all around awesome dude, but he made an excellent film that hopefully many people will be able to check out and if he wins this competition Safecast will get some of the cash to help continue our efforts. If you have a moment and can go vote that would be much appreciated!
東京で映画を撮っている アドリアン ストーリー さんが撮影した セーフキャストの3分間ドキュメントフォーカスフォワード映画祭 で準決勝に進出しました!
もし時間があるなら あなたも投票していただければ幸いです。