Fukushima Prefecture adapts SAFECAST worldwide radiation map on official prefectural website

The Fukushima Government has created a world wide map of radiation measurements powered by SAFECAST radiation measurements.
Good news is that we’re working hard to expand our worldwide radiation map with Singapore, Holland, Belgium, Norway and Chernobyl.
As reported in the Fukushima Mimpo Shinbun, on Sep. 8th, 2012 — Summary translation of the article :
World radiation map is shown on the Fukushima prefecture website
Fukushima Prefecture. updated its website “Fukushima prefecture radiation map” on Sep. 7th and started displaying radiation levels from around the world. Twelve countries with 21 spots and 46 prefectures outside of Fukushima with 571 spots are shown with data provided by Safecast, a citizen group, so that people can compare radiation levels to the rest of the world.
The highest levels are 0.23 micro Sv/hr at Jayapura, Indonesia (June 8th) and Hong Kong, China(March 11th), and the lowest was 0.06 micro Sv/hr at Honolulu, Hawai (July 17, 2011)
This site shows a total of 4452 monitored spots within the prefecture: 570 points monitored by the prefecture and an additional 3882 spots monitored by MEXT and various.
(Translation credit – Kiki Tanaka)Link to world wide map

Fukushima Mimpo Shinbun, on Sep. 8th, 2012