Safecast office opening event

Safecast, July 2012, Tokyo
Last night we had our first “Hey Safecast team in Tokyo, come hang out at the new office!” event. It was exciting and awesome to get everyone in the same room and talk about some of the future plans. As you can tell from the last few posts it’s been a productive week to begin with and last night Levi and Steve got the first Safecast Air Quality sensor working so this was a great way to wrap up the week. Today (Saturday) is the open house so we’ll be rushing back over to clean up wine bottles and get things into non-embarrassing shape shortly, and then hanging out all day hacking on things and answering questions and hope to have some new stuff to show off later tonight as well.
Last night was the first time Nav (new device firmware), Yoko (Software, db) & Steve (Air Quality Dev) had met the rest of the team in person. Very good stuff.
We’re really excited about these new offices, the productivity they’ve enabled just in the last week has been amazing, and we expect even more to come from that.

Safecast Air Sensor 001
Safecast Air Sensor 001