Safecast Geiger Counter Limited Edition!

Earlier this year we announced a new geiger counter, designed by bunnie that we were hoping would be in production soon. We’re excited to announce two things – Firstly International Medcom is full steam ahead on a full production run of these devices that will be available later this year, and secondly we’re releasing a LIMITED EDITION, CLEAR CASE, NUMBERED VERSION exclusively through Kickstarter right now. Medcom and Kickstarter are teaming up to help us with this and the only way to ever get this edition will be to order through this campaign right now (or for the next few days while it’s live). You can read more about it and order here.

bunnieさんが新たにデザインした高機能ガイガーカウンターを今年の3月に紹介しました。現在、International Medcom社がこの新しいガイガーカウンターの本格的な生産準備を進めており、それに向けた資金をソーシャル資金調達サイトKickstarterで募っています。このキャンペーンでは、数量限定の中身が見える透明ケースモデルを予約することも可能です。
詳しくは Kickstarter キャンペーン(英語)をご覧ください。