Safecast will be sharing radiation measurements with Minamisoma City

On February 21st we visited Minamisoma City’s Environmental Public Health Section under the Department of Civic Life.  As one of the municipalities near the nuclear plants, Minamisoma has been receiving a good amount of media coverage recently.  The city has expressed a strong interest in radiation measurements, and individual citizens are demanding that they want to know the radiation conditions as well.
At the meeting Minamisoma accepted the proposal for Safecast to make bGeigie measurements supplied by groups cooperating with Safecast activities available on the web and the city agreed to make use of such data.  It was also decided to provide a link to the website from Minamisoma City’s website.
Safecast volunteers will support groups taking measurements covering nearly all areas in Minamisoma City and Safecast will publicly release this measurement data as it is available.  These activities will start in March and are expected to be accomplished over a few weeks.

In the back row from left to right are Safecast’s Yuka, Rob Oudendijk and Mr Watanabe.  On the far right in the back row is Mr. Washiyama who is the contact person supporting this effort.

In front of the radiation monitoring display at the Minamisoma City Hall.  Mr. Watanabe (on the right) from Koriyama who arranged our meetings and Mr. Nishikawa (on the left, author of this post.)

Reported by Eiji Nishikawa
Translated by Steve Rife



Reported by Eiji Nishikawa