Safecast events in Tokyo March 24 + 25

This coming weekend we’ll have a few events around Tokyo marking the 1 year anniversary of Safecast’s existence. On Saturday evening, March 24th from 2200 – 0030, we’ll participate in the Roppongi Art Night events. We’re presenting here in conjunction with others, we’ll actually only have 15 minutes of this time, but not sure when that 15 minutes will be. Safecast co-founders Sean Bonner (presenting in English) and Pieter Franken (presenting in Japanese) will spend 10 minutes showing photos from the last 12 months of Safecast, and Safecast visualization lead Tony DeVincenzi will join for the last few moments to show new maps and related visuals. Akiba will follow with 5 minutes of Geiger counter music.
On Sunday March 25th at Loftwork’s newly opened FabCafe in Shibuya we’ll have a bit longer to talk about what we’ve been up to for the last year. From 1100 – 1300 we’ll give a Safecast Presentation that is open to the public, press invited. We will show off selected photos and data from the first year of Safecast, as well as brand new data visualizations recently built by Tony DeVincenzi and his team at MIT Media Lab, and a prototype of the new geiger counter we’ve designed that will be in production soon. Following that from 1300 to 1500 we’ll host an open session for anything, Q&A, Demos, etc.
Hope you can make it!今週の週末、Safecastの1周年を記念して東京の周辺でいくつかのイベントを予定しています。土曜日の夜、3月24日 22:00-00:30に、六本木アートナイトイベントに参加します。ここで私たちは、いくつかの団体と連合でプレゼンテーションを行います。時間は実際には15分ですが、イベントのいつに実施されるかは未定です。Safecastの共同創業者であるSean Bonner(英語でのプレゼン)とPieter Franken(日本語でのプレゼン)が、10分間でSafecastの12か月の活動を写真で紹介したり、Safecastの可視化チームのリーダーであるTony DeVincenzi が最後に参加して新しい地図や関連するビジュアルをお見せします。Akibaさんが最後の5分間で、ガイガーカウンターの音楽を流してくれます。
日本語翻訳:小川 知秀