Safecasting Seabrook

Earlier this year this we had the pleasure of meeting some of the folks at C-10, which is one of the oldest citizen radiation monitoring groups in the world. Established in 1986, they work to address the health and safety issues related to the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant in New Hampshire and small sensor network dedicated to this. They shared their history and encouraged us in our efforts.
While much of our attention is on Japan, Fukushima specifically – and rightly so – we’ve realized the need for this kind of data in places that haven’t already had problems. If we had the kind of data that we have now for Fukushima, but from sometime before this year’s event, we’d know a lot more about what and how things happened. Because of this we’ve been working to measure other areas when we have the opportunity. Recently Safecast Advisor Ray Ozzie was near Seabrook with a newly built bGeigie and decided to drive around the plant a bit and add the readings to our database. Here’s the map of his readings:

Additionally, Ray writes:

…here are a couple of photos that I snapped during the drive. Given that it was a brisk November day, it was a bit surprising to see the windsurfer fly into the frame as I was snapping the photo. You can also see that the area is a great source of local lobster (and clams).

By zooming out this map [bing | google] (particularly the first one), scanning the boardwalk on Ocean Blvd, you can also get a sense of the plant’s proximity to the beach-going public during the summer. Hence the importance for the public to have good and open data on a continuous basis.

This is a good time to point out that part of Safecast’s mission is to help inform people about their environments and surroundings, with data they didn’t have access to before. We’re all surrounded by things which could potentially have a serious impact on our lives at any moment, being more aware of this can only be a good thing.
今年の初めに、私たちは世界中で放射線を監視している一番古い市民グループの中の1つであるC-10の仲間の何人かと会えるという喜ばしいことがありました。1986年に設立され、ニューハンプシャー州のSeabrook Station (シーブルック・ステーション)原子力発電所に関連した健康や安全の問題について調べる活動をしており、小さなセンサーネットワークをこの活動にささげています。彼らは彼らの歴史を共有してくれて、私たちの努力について励ましてくれました。
私たちの多くの注意が日本、特に福島にある(当然そうなりますが)一方で、私たちはまだ問題が発生していない地域のこの種のデータが必要なことを理解してきました。私たちは今は福島から集められていますが、今年の事故の前のある時点でのこの種のデータがあれば、何がどのように起きたかについてより多くのことを知ることができるでしょう。この理由により、私たちは機会があれば他の地域についても測定をする活動を進めてきました。最近、Safecastのアドバイザーである Ray Ozzieが新しく開発したbGeigieとともにSeaBrookのそばに行き、発電所の周りを車で周回することを決め、私たちのデータベースに測定結果を追加しました。これが彼が測定した地点の地図です。



マップ [bing | google] を拡大してOcean Boulevard(オーシャンブールバード)の遊歩道にフォーカスをあててみると、夏大勢の人が遊んでいるビーチから発電所がどのぐらい近いかが