Open Research Forum – Scanning the Earth

On November 23rd, the Keio University Open Research Forum 2011 was held. The highlight was the talk by Prof Jun Murai (Keio SFC and Safecast Advisor) and Joi Ito (MIT Media Lab and Safecast Advisor). The talk featured Safecast and the ScanningTheEarth project, but also covered topics such as the direction of the Internet, impact of piracy laws on Internet freedom, and Creative Commons.  The ScanningTheEarth project is a colloboration between Keio University SFC and Safecast under supervision of Prof Murai and lead by Prof. Uehara and Prof. Furutani. Prof Furutani gave an overview of research being done on mobile and fixed sensors and field research being done in the city Minami Soma. Maps showed also research being done inside the 20km exclusion zone. It was a very lively talk and recommended viewing (in Japanese)