All about the Safecast car

At Safecast we have been happy to been driving with our own car for the past months. The most driven member of the Safecast Fleet is a 1999 Nissan Wingroad. Like many other Safecast cars, the color is bright red.

福島でのセーフキャスティング ~岩城から郡山の途中で~

Safecasting Fukushima – on the road near between Iwaki and Koriyama

Safecasting Akihabara – where bGeigies hail from

The Safecast Car was kindly donated by Nagashima-san of  foreign car dealership TUC Group in Kasai, Chiba Pref.

Nagashima-san of TUC Group with the Safecast Car (Steve Christie, Nagashima-san, Pieter Franken)

TUC Group’s Ebihara-san handing over the car to Joe Moross and Pieter Franken of Safecast Japan

Of course a car that is being driven by members of Tokyo Hackerspace, will not be spared from some “optimization”: Joe has taken efforts to retrofit the car with car navigation, solar panel, AC power, etc. Ofcourse the car has much room in the back, and typically we have on board an Alpha/Beta counter, SAM 940, Masks and Hazmat suits (just in case), sample kits, Cooler with snacks and soft drinks, and of course a variety of geiger counters. AC converters ensure that we can power up many of our gadgets while on the road. Inside we have wireless Lan with full internet access (so we can blog along while on the road)

Safecast Car parked in front of Tokyo Hackerspace


Joe and Akiba showing off the Alpha/Beta counter

Recently with the help of TUC Group’s Ebihara-san and David Ewald from Uncorked studio’s, we put beautiful decals on the car with our URL and Logo:

Safecast Logo!

In Japan it’s a good custom to make sure your car is blessed for safe journey. I went out to climb Mt. Gassan in Yamagata Prefecture in July and got us a lucky charm (“Omamori”) for the Safecast Car on the summit at Yodonosan Shrine. We hope it will keep our car and drivers safe!


With special thanks to Nagashima-san and Ebihara-san from TUC Group !!!

Want to help driving for Safecast or contribute to the Safecast fleet? Or want to advertise on our car and sponsor Safecast? Please email us at !

秋葉原でのセーフキャスティング ~ bGeigie が出発した地点~


TUCグループの長島さんとともに ~Steve Christie, 長島さん, Pieter Franken~

Joe Moross と Pieter Franken へ車両を引き渡すTUCの海老原さん




アルファ・ベータカウンターを見せる Joe と Akiba

この前、TUC の海老原さんと、Uncorked スタジオの David Ewald がURLとロゴの入ったカッコいいシールを貼ってくれました。




セーフキャストの測定をしてみたり、何か協力してもらえませんか?車についてのアドバイスやスポンサーとして提供できることがありませんか?ぜひ までメールしてください。