Safecasting Eggman

Fox News Report on "Shibuya Eggman" Plant
Those who followed the breathless news reports from foreign media sources in the early stages of the nuclear crisis may remember that Fox News included a mysterious facility named “Shibuya Eggman” in their list of Japanese power plants at risk. The only problem? Shibuya Eggman isn’t a nuclear power plant, or a power plant of any kind.
It’s a rock club in an upscale section of downtown Tokyo. Ooops!
Never fear. I braved the elements (light wind, drizzle) to measure the background radiation at this now-legendary facility. The good news? A normal 0.13 microsieverts/hr. As expected, the only thing melting down inside Shibuya Eggman are the rockers performing onstage.
eggman rad checkFox News Report on "Shibuya Eggman" Plant
eggman rad check