Can't sell his rice, has to grow it anyway

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Uncanny Terrain: Takahashi was banned from selling rice grown on his land in Nishigo Village, Nishishirakawa-gun, Fukushima, due to soil contamination from the nuclear disaster. But he was also told that to receive compensation for the lost income, he must grow the rice. So he’s planting the crop, expecting it will never be eaten.
西白河郡西郷村の高橋さん。大きな田んぼを季節外れに耕す。作付け禁止で今年は米は売れない。日焼けした肌が本当に健康的な高橋さん。この他にも大きなハウスで沢山の野菜 も作る。若い研修生がいるが、福島の農業の現状に何を言ってあげれば良いか悩み、悲しむそう。毎晩、自分の野菜がスーパーの裏に捨てられているかもしれないと思うといても たってもいられないという。