Farmers flee agricultural community

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Uncanny Terrain week 2
Hiruta has spent decades recruiting farmers from across Japan to join him in the tiny agricultural community of Kaidomari, nestled among tall pines in the mountains on the edge of Iwaki in Fukushima. But since the nuclear disaster, especially the younger farmers are fleeing.
Fukumoto is returning to Hiroshima with his free range dairy cows, unwilling to let them graze on contaminated grass. Suzuki and her husband are divided about whether to stay or go. Background radiation here is .4 microsieverts/hour outside, .3 inside.
「超自然の大地」 2 週間目
福元さんは、放し飼いで育ててきた乳牛に汚染された草を食べさせることを避けたいと考え、牛たちと共に広島に戻ることにしました。鈴木さんとご主人は、この地に止まるか離れるかについて意見が分かれています。ここでの空中の放射線レベルは、屋外で毎時 0.4 マイクロシーベルト、室内で毎時 0.3 マイクロシーベルトです。