Lone nuclear opponent won't sell rice despite official approval

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Uncanny Terrain: 40 years ago, Hongo says he was the only person in Samegawa to oppose nuclear power in Fukushima. Since the accident, Samegawa has been declared safe for cultivation. But Hongo doesn’t trust the numbers. He’s only growing enough food to feed himself. He won’t feed others crops that could be contaminated. Instead, he’s planting sunflowers in hopes of decontaminating the land.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWDWj2wdhlY
鮫川町、福島県。本郷さんは無農薬米栽培をしてきた何十年。震災による原発事故の放射能汚染で今年は、減反し、今まで買ってきてきてくれたお客さんには、「浄化をするから ,米はつくりません」と自ら作付けを止めている。自分の食べるぶんだけは育て、残りの余った土地へはひまわりを植える予定。