Fundraising and how to get a limited edition iGeigie

As you may be aware we are using Kickstarter to help raise funds for this project. We have a project live on the site right now that has been progressing nicely but isn’t fully funded yet and is running out of time. I’m really not comfortable asking for financial contributions but the fact is we could really use your help, and every little bit brings this closer to reality. Kickstarter is an all or nothing program meaning we need to meet our fundraising goal completely or we don’t get anything. Our goal is $33,000 and as of this moment we’ve raised $17,470 from 156 different people – more than half our goal, but we have only 11 days left to bring in the remaining $15,530. If we don’t, we don’t even get $1.
Of course we can raise more than $33,000 – but that’s the number we need to hit.
My post from yesterday about our first drive to Fukushima is a perfect example of what we’re trying to do, and how money we raise will be spent. This money should allow us to distribute 100 geiger counters to people in the area, as well as collect countless of readings ourselves. This will go a very long way to making a difference for people in these areas who have no idea what kind of radiation levels are surrounding them, if any at all. Our goal for the next few months is the schools around the evacuation zone, it’s important to know what is happening there. The families of the kids who attend those schools deserve to know.
Not ones to just take, we have some cool offers for people who donate as well. Kickstarter allows us to give “rewards” for certain levels of contributions. We’ve got lots of options – $25 gets you a public thanks on our site all the way up to $1000 which gets your name on a counter out in the field as well as your very own geiger counter sent to you, and several options in between. One thing we just added which I’m pretty excited about is the 10 contributors who make the largest donations will get a numbered, limited edition (of 10) hand built iGeigie. iGeigie is the iPhone compatible geiger counter developed by one of our founders Pieter Franken. We’ll be building 10 very special ones just for this campaign, and donating to this will be the only way you can get one. This is definitely something for the collectors out there, but for the right person this could be a really cool item to have.
I know it sounds clichéd but honestly any contribution helps and will be put to good use. But even if you can’t donate anything we’d appreciate help getting word out about this. Sorry for begging – thanks for reading and for your support. [link: Safecast on Kickstarter]
寄付をお願いするだけではなく、私達からも寄付いただいた方にすばらしい特典があります。Kickstarterでは、プロジェクト運営者から寄付いただいた方に対し一定の「見返り」を提供することが許されています。私達もいろいろな特典を用意しました。25ドルを寄付いただいた方には、私達のサイト上で公開しお礼の言葉を贈らせていただきます。1,000ドル寄付いただいた方には現地で使用するガイガーカウンターにお名前を載せさせていただき、さらにご自分用のガイガーカウンターを贈らせていただきます。25ドルから1,000ドルの間にもさまざまな選択肢を用意しています。もう一つ最近追加した特典として(これについては私自身もかなりわくわくしているのですが)、最も多額の寄付をしていただいた10人の方に、番号付けされた限定版(10台)の手製のiGeigieを贈呈いたします。iGeigieはこのプロジェクトの創設者の一人Pieter Frankenが開発したiPhone対応のガイガーカウンターです。私達はこのキャンペーンのためだけに特別な10台限定のiGeigieを作製し、これをゲットするためにはこのプロジェクトに寄付する以外に方法はありません。これはまさにコレクターズアイテムですし、持つ人が持てばとてもクールなアイテムになるのではないでしょうか。